All Things Mama Designs was founded by myself, Michelle, a mom of three sweet boys and the sweetest fur baby boy.

Thank you so much for visiting my store! I'm a stay-at-home, working mama who loves spending time with my boys.

I opened this shop because with my first two sons, I struggled with breastfeeding in public. It was impossible to find something to wear that was cute and breastfeeding friendly.

I always felt the need to hide myself and baby under a cover up or blanket - whatever I had in the diaper bag at the time.

This was still early on in my days of motherhood, and the absence of breast-feeding friendly attire, led me to feel slightly uncomfortable with the process in public.

Not to mention, my boys hated being covered up and always tried to pull the blankets off.

I had my third baby boy in April of 2022 and decided I needed to simplify the inconveniences of breastfeeding in public.

I want other moms to feel the same! That is how All Things Mama Designs was created.

We're not the first to offer nursing-wear, but we wanted to use this opportunity to go the extra mile in ensuring usability, convenience, comfort and style.

Breastfeeding Clothing for Women Zipper Accessible Clothing to Breastfeed

We wanted our clothing options to be comfortable, stylish and always convenient for breastfeeding and pumping mamas.

You should never feel like you have to hide under a blanket to nurse your baby!

Eliminate the worry of carrying the extra nursing cover or blankets, or struggling to get set up making baby wait a few minutes to eat, all because you need to "set up" to feed them.

Breastfeeding is beautiful, healthy, and normal.  I hope you enjoy the products we offer from pregnancy to motherhood and beyond.

We appreciate all the support!

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