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Breastfeeding Affirmation Cards

Breastfeeding Affirmation Cards

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Our Breastfeeding Affirmation Deck is a source of support for breastfeeding mothers whether it is your first time breastfeeding or you have had experience in the past. It is difficult work that deserves to be celebrated, but sometimes it can be hard to stay confident in those tough moments.

Postpartum is such a vulnerable time for mothers, and it isn't talked about enough. It's essential to have positive thoughts to fall back on as a reminder that everything will be okay.

Our affirmation deck gives you the boost of courage and assurance you need - featuring 25 affirmations printed on one side - to make sure you know how strong and capable you are as a mother.

Whether nursing a newborn in your fourth trimester or pumping during any stage of your journey, this deck helps moms reduce stress, and feel calmer and more confident about feeding sessions for better bonding with their baby.

❀ Choose a card from the deck and place it in a spot where you will see it often
→ This could be your favorite pumping spot or nursing your little one in your favorite nursery chair.
❀ Be sure you're in a quiet and relaxed area
❀ Take a deep breath, focus on the affirmation
❀ Say the affirmation out loud or in your head a few times
❀ Let your body relax

❀ 25 cards, printed on one side with affirmations for nursing mothers
❀ Printed on digital cover premium quality paper
❀ Boho, Minimalist, Floral Leaf design
❀ Card dimensions 3.5" x 5"
❀ Waterproof
❀ Wipe Clean (if needed) with a very damp cloth

Our Breastfeeding Affirmation Deck of Cards will provide some positive thoughts next time you’re feeling stressed out or are just able to steal a quiet moment for yourself. Some of these affirmations help you remember the benefits of breastfeeding, while others just help you feel the beautifulness of motherhood.

We hope you enjoy and spread the word to other breastfeeding mothers!

*Please note, if you are struggling with breastfeeding or having intrusive/negative thoughts, please seek medical attention from a lactation consultant or a physician**




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