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Overstimulated Breastfeeding Mama Sticker

Overstimulated Breastfeeding Mama Sticker

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This fun and unique sticker, artfully designed as a breast nipple with a few milk drops, bears the words 'Overstimulated Breastfeeding Mama'.

It's a stylish and honest representation of the breastfeeding experience, blending beauty with the realities of motherhood. Ideal for personalizing your gear with a touch of elegance and a nod to the challenges and triumphs of nursing.

A must-have for any mama seeking to celebrate and share her breastfeeding journey!


Vinyl & Waterproof


Pink, White, Blue and Yellow


2.5" Width

Model Size

Care Instructions

- Carefully peel off backing to apply
- A clean, dry surface is recommended before applying
- Light hand washing is recommended if sticker gets dirty
- Not recommended to scratch or scrub stickers vigorously as it may cause fading or tearing.
- Designed for single-use application. Peeling off multiple times may cause the sticker to lose its stickiness.

Shipping & Returns

No returns or exchanges for stickers. Please read all of the descriptions and details before purchasing.

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