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Pump Pump Pump Sticker

Pump Pump Pump Sticker

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If you're a breastfeeding mom who pumps breast milk, this sticker is the perfect way to remind yourself to keep up with your pumping routine.

Stick it on your pump, your water bottle, or anywhere else you'll see it frequently to help you stay motivated.


Vinyl & Waterproof


Peach & Orange Tones


2" Width

Model Size

Care Instructions

- Carefully peel off backing to apply
- A clean, dry surface is recommended before applying
- Light hand washing is recommended if sticker gets dirty
- Not recommended to scratch or scrub stickers vigorously as it may cause fading or tearing.
- Designed for single-use application. Peeling off multiple times may cause the sticker to lose its stickiness.

Shipping & Returns

No returns or exchanges for stickers. Please read all of the descriptions and details before purchasing.

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